Sunday, 15 March 2009

aimless wandering

Getting off in Ravenscourt Park, then turning left I find myself on Chiswick High Street. Today I m having such a London feeling. It’s great! Chiswick is great! Love this area! Of all London this is the area I would like to live.




It is posh! Would I like to live in a posh area ?! Why not? I don’t want to live in a dumb hall.
As I walk down the main street I glaze into the windows; restaurants, pubs, coffee-shops, antique stores, art galleries, bookstores, board shops etc.
I suddenly realize I don’t have my player with me. Too bad! Would off been nice to have a soundtrack for my walk. Just to enjoy it more. The weather is fine today even though it’s still winter. Going to have some breakfast. It’s still early. Around 11 a.m. Breakfast in Chiswick it’s always delightful. Especially in this Greek bistro; where they serve some amazing size dishes. Then I m heading towards Sainsbury’s for some shopping. They’re a bit expensive but it’s in my way so I can’t be bothered to go somewhere else. Fuck my card has been declined! Oh that’s because I always overspend on a Fabric night! Well anyway I deal with the shop assistant and gave him another card; take my stuff and off to the tube station. I’m really hungry. Need to get home and do some cooking.

Monday, 9 March 2009

My's tube

It really is everybody's tube.
I was returning home from somewhere central. It seemed like all the nations in the world had gathered in this tube today. All colorful people: one was sleepy; one sad; the other one thoughtful and another one very talkative. Near the office clerk sat the junkie with his big stereo phones; Chinese; businessman; lovers; bootylicious girls; a rastaman etc. They were all in my tube today.
London tube it's like the city. Sometimes you love it sometimes you hate it. I love it on days like this. Hate it when is crowded; when is held or delayed to regulate the service or when you wake up in Elephant and Castle and wonder how did you end up there! Oh but that's maybe because you were
too drunk to remember where to get off!


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